Trivia Quiz added; Reviews, not so much

Just a quick note to update those who are paying attention. I intended to have been posting episode reviews every weekday by this point, but numerous difficulties, technical and life-related, have gotten in the way. In fact, I may need to either change the intended schedule, or change how I'm going about the write ups. Even with no life, there's not a chance I can keep up. I'm more inclined to slow down the schedule than change the style of the write ups, at least until I get a groove going or have other people lined up to contribute.

In the mean time, thanks to enormous help provided by SkipEastport, there's a brand new MH2 trivia quiz (75% of the questions come from him). I don't recommend taking this until you've seen the whole series or it will spoil some plot details, but for those who've already gone through the whole series, give it a go. Fair warning: some of the questions are brutally hard, but kindly blame Skip for those. My questions are pretty easy.

I hope to resolve the last remaining major technical problems this week and I will get back to reviews as soon as I can. There's been a huge learning curve for me here, so I appreciate your continued patience while I gradually make myself slightly less ignorant and ill-informed every day.