And here I thought blogs were suited for non-tech types. . .

This is just a quick note to explain why there are only episode reviews posted for the first two shows for the time being. I posted these to give people a sense of what the write ups will be like, but please be aware that I will begin regularly posting episode reviews Wed, Dec 18th, one each weekday. I'm sorry to have to delay things this way, but being brand new to all of this, I'm spending enormous time on technical issues. Setting up the "What's New" page just took me about 5 hours to get working, and it's still not the way I'd like it to look!

I should note here the indispensable help of Erik Levinson from Bright Bacon. There's a lot to still be worked out, but I never could have put together what we've already got without his expertise and the huge head start he provided by creating a suitable template for me.

So please do bear with me-- I'm really looking forward to having the lion's share of the technical grunt work done so I can really begin digging in to the write ups. In the mean time, I will add be adding information to pages other than the episode write ups (e.g., cast and crew info, DVD reviews, etc.) Feel free to check out the "What's New" page to keep track. It'll make me feel like I haven't been wasting all these hours. :)