The less-than-impressive results of trying to convince friends and family to watch this

[Reminder: the regular posting of episode reviews beyond episode 2 will begin on Wed., Dec 18.]

So I've been trying to get any and all of my friends and family who might have interest in MH2 to watch it. The results so far have been. . . underwhelming. Almost no one I know saw it in its original run. The one friend I have who did watch it in its original run is far, far too busy to be rewatching the show these days. I had high hopes for one of my sisters, who's already a big fan of Soap. She watched the first show probably for no other reason than to be supportive, and had absolutely no idea what to make of it. But she did say this, which, out of context, could be taken as a pull quote from a glowingly positive review: "It's absolutely unlike anything else I've ever seen on television." Unfortunately, she didn't mean it as a compliment.

Two other friends are up to about episode 4, with lukewarm reactions at best. I asked them to watch at least the first week of shows before making a final judgment-- after all, the show is "absolutely unlike anything else on television." Again, I think they're sticking with it this far only to be supportive. I can only hope it will grow on them, but I know I was completely hooked after I saw the first episode.

Then there's my oldest sister, who informed me that Debralee Scott worked at a talent agency that she also worked for. The following exchange about this could, with very little tweaking, have come right out of a dialog from MH2. She was suggesting I add background info and behind the scenes trivia:

ME: I'd love to be able to add that kind of stuff, but I just have no access whatsoever. All I know is what I can find in articles on the web.
WENDY: Debralee Scott used to work at the same talent agency as me. I could see if I could get in touch with her for you.
ME: Well, that would be great, but she's dead.
WENDY: Didn't she drown in chicken soup or something?
ME: Um. . . no. That was a character on the show, a different one entirely. I'm talking about the real life actress-- she died in 2005.
WENDY: Oh. . . maybe not, then.

All these people with good taste in entertainment, and no one's really bitten on MH2 yet!