MH2 Drinking Game

How to get good and drunk while watching MH2. You know how these games work: drink the specified number of shots whenever stuff in the list happens. Don't worry if you haven't watched the whole series-- you won't get all the references, but I promise there are no plot spoilers! NOTE: This is decidedly a work in progress. Please suggest additions in the comments! The ones marked with a (*) were suggested by SkipEastport. The ones marked with a (**) were suggested by TG674. Thank you both! Take a single shot of the hard stuff whenever:

  • Mary offers someone coffee. Extra shot if the offer comes at an inappropriate moment.
  • Loretta gets a sudden inspiration for a new song. Extra shot if it's in poor taste.
  • Mary keeps saying "Heather!" repeatedly, in response to Heather making her uncomfortable (Note: that's one shot per "Heather!")
  • Mary rubs her front teeth.
  • Vern calls Tex "You idiot!"
  • Cathy announces she's broken up with her current boyfriend.
  • Cathy announces she's got a new boyfriend (note that these last two will usually happen in the same scene).

Take two shots of the hard stuff whenever:

  • Cathy announces she's engaged.
  • Charlie shows off his back hair.(*)
  • Cathy drinks a Crush.(*)
  • Tom has a Schlitz.(*)
  • Grampa Larkin mentions peanut butter.
  • Martha cries.
  • Martha breaks into song (happens about as often as the crying).
  • Mary tries to gently break some bad news to someone.
  • George's hair gets messed up (extra shot if he does it to himself on purpose).
  • George sits on his special hemorrhoid pillow.(*)
  • Tom says, "Cut it out!" (*)
  • Tom screams, "I don't wanna talk about it, Mary!"
  • Tom hollers, "What the Hell is wrong with you, Mary?"
  • Mary tells someone that her gift is she can communicate.
  • Loretta mispronounces "temporary" as "tempalary" ("temporarily"/"tempalarily" counts too).

These are really rare, so go ahead and chug a bottle of grain alcohol whenever:

  • Charlie and Loretta have a fight.
  • Tom and Mary have actual sex (with each other).
  • George says anything nice to Martha.
  • Someone dies in a bizarre way.

These, on the other hand, are so common that you should take just a sip of beer or wine (no hard stuff, unless you want to give yourself alcohol poisoning), whenever:

  • Loretta thanks God for something.
  • Loretta refers to herself as a future superstar (full shot if she refers to herself as already a superstar).
  • Loretta and Charlie kiss.
  • Tom repeats himself (basically every line by Greg Mullavey).
  • Anyone says, "I don't know what you're talking about." (Note: whichever character says this always knows what the other person is talking about.) (**)
  • Anyone says, "Everything's gonna be all right," "Calm down," or "Don't worry about it!" in response to another character being legitimately upset


Tom says, "Cut it out."

Charlie shows off his back hair.

George sits on his special hemorrhoid pillow.

Cathy drinks a Crush.

Tom has a Schlitz.

Those are all great. I edited the page to add 'em all.

I particularly love the notion that every time Tom has a Schlitz, we should take two shots of liquor. Tough to decide which section that belongs in-- there are definitely points in the series where you're not going to want to be taking two shots for every beer Tom drinks!

Thanks again. If you think of more, fire away.

When anyone ever says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

I'm up to episode 132 - some of these I'm seeing for the first time ever.

Thanks, TG674! That one definitely belongs in the "take a sip of wine or beer" section. Happens all the time. :) Adding it now.

Hello and Happy 2014!  I bought the DVD set and finished watching them all!  Here are more suggestions:

1) Take a sip everytime a character starts a sentence with, "Well...."  (usually pronounced "Waal?" like Samantha always said on Bewitched).  

2) Take a chug everytime a character mispronounces the last name "Haggers" (supposed to be pronounced with a short a but most use a long a and doctors tend to completely butcher their name).

3) Take a chug everytime a character uses the last name "Jeeter" in the plural when referring to one of the Jeeters (i.e. Merle Jeeters).  

4) Take a chug everytime someone says Jimmy Joe or Johnny Doe!  

5) Take a long chug everytime Martha faints!

6) Take a chug whenever Mary moans/shrieks.

7) Take a couple of chugs whenever Martha has a premonition.


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